Grass Seed – 5lb Bag $40


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Grasshopper Gardens Sun & Shade Mix – Grass Seed – 5 lb Bag

Sun or Shade Mixture / Blend Grass Seed

A 5 lb Bag Covers 1,000 square feet

Benefits of Applying Grass Seed:
1. Reduces Erosion
2. Improves Appearance
3. Reduces the Risk of Pests and Disease
4. Increase Thickness
5. No Chemicals are Necessary

$40.00 each

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For best results, water three times daily for at least 6 weeks.

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Eric S.

Professional staff, experienced and knowledgeable team, and top-notch quality. It is very easy to recommend Grasshopper Gardens as one of the best in the industry and beyond.

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Michael B.

I have ordered quite a few plants on-line… I have never received a rosebush as carefully packed as the one I got from Grasshopper Gardens. On top of it all, I received the plant so quickly, I didn’t even have time to follow the tracking information given. I was very impressed and extremely satisfied!

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Desiree L.

Billy did a great job installing two trees in my lawn today. He took the time to go over where I wanted the trees and made sure they were in alignment. He also moved the excess soil to an area where I needed it.

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