Black Landscape Mulch – Bulk


Fine Ground Black Dyed Landscape Mulch can be delivered locally to your home or jobsite. One cubic yard measures 3 ft x 3 ft x 3 ft, spread area with 1” depth of coverage (250 – 300 sq ft) or approximately 10 ft x 30 ft of bed area. Please specify a location for delivery in the Order Notes at checkout.

Available for Pick Up and Delivery!

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Protect and enhance your landscape with natural Black Landscape Mulch. Fine ground for consistency throughout. Dyes are pet-safe, non-toxic and biodegradable.  Designed to break down slowly over a year’s time or more. Color will last a minimum of one full season. Price is in Cubic Yards. Additional delivery charges apply.

  • Additional freight charges may apply based on the following conditions: Driveway unable to accommodate large trucks resulting in multiple deliveries; Specialty equipment required for larger quantities; Products not locally available or remote areas
  • Customer will be contacted prior to delivery if any additional charges are required or if there are concerns with the order, driveway, etc
  • Driveway must be a minimum of 10 ft. wide
  • We cannot drive over grass or dirt to deliver product
  • For questions about remote delivery areas and/or quantities larger than 20 cu. yd., please call 1-518-793-9623
  • Contains a blend of natural regional forest products

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Eric S.

Professional staff, experienced and knowledgeable team, and top-notch quality. It is very easy to recommend Grasshopper Gardens as one of the best in the industry and beyond.

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Desiree L.

Billy did a great job installing two trees in my lawn today. He took the time to go over where I wanted the trees and made sure they were in alignment. He also moved the excess soil to an area where I needed it.

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Michael B.

I have ordered quite a few plants on-line… I have never received a rosebush as carefully packed as the one I got from Grasshopper Gardens. On top of it all, I received the plant so quickly, I didn’t even have time to follow the tracking information given. I was very impressed and extremely satisfied!

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